We believe in the creative powers of young people, so work on nurturing creative talents. The Big Thinking Company are running 4 summer projects during the school holidays for young people aged between 10 and 17.

The beauty of the mind

We simply believe in the intellectual and creative powers of young people. So we work on nurturing those talents. It’s that simple. We want you get to form your own opinion, views and ideas. And know why you think that way. The only opinions that matter are YOURS.

Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

We develop challenging projects for you to sink your teeth into over three days. They are about Big things. Big because they are complex, interesting and relevant issues with no black and white answers.

Building on your thoughts and creativity

We teach you techniques to develop your capability to express yourself and influence. We work in different media: from debating, to rapping, song writing and performing, making YouTube videos, putting a play together, devising an opera… Whatever your interest or style, we want you to come build and create.

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Imagine: No more internet, TV, digital music; no more laptops, phones, Xbox or easy internet access. How would you make do without electricity?

Things That Inspire Us

Check out the speeches, music and other bits and pieces that have inspired us to do what we do.

Who Are We?

We are Berry and Els. We believe that there is a nothing better than feeling passionate, involved and valued in what you do. We want to empower you: To give you the ability to rethink situations, find solutions, to think constructively and critically.